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From Fine Arts to Web/Graphic Design

After many years in fine arts, I approached Design in its digital sets. I am a graduating student in Digital communication pursuing a MA. in Integrated Design at the Univesity of Baltimore. To better understand audiences' behaviors, I am complementing my career with a BA in Social Psychology at SNHU.

soft skills

Being organized is a personal trait that has accompanied me since my childhood. I love organization and punctuality. Friends who know me say that I am quite a perfectionist.


“Treat people as if they were what they ought to be and you help them to become what they are capable of being” (Goethe). I am an INFJs personality type. Check out here what that means.


As I lived in different countries, I gained a strong cultural literacy. Currently, I speak Italian, Spanish, and English fluently. French is hanging in there, and German is a future project.

Portfolio & Resume

Here are some of my works. Photos and designs
still reflect the original influence of an artistic background
linked to nature's observation.

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real estate brochure

DESIGN Brochure

paper with logo

DESIGN stationary

coverbook with piano

DESIGN Coverbook

sign at bus station - mockup

Design Poster

real estate postcard

DESIGN Postcard

editorial spread sheet typography

DESIGN Editorial

cookbook spreadsheet receipe typography

DESIGN Typography

poster for music lessons in spanish


man sleeping drawing

FINE arts

screenshot website

Web design

house with garden

Video Production

metal logo over glassdoor

DESIGN Branding


artisan don bosco logo
olp logo
compass logo
olf logo
compass logo

School Projects:


Using images to tell stories catches me as
visual elements can express much more than words.
Combining photos with music enhances communication
making slideshows an effective tool to inform, describe, and persuade.

IDIS 302 /April 24, 2021

Civil Disobedience

Defending a higher moral principle that would serve society through non-violent actions is a moral duty.

IDIS 302 / Spring, 2021

Personal Code of Ethics

Culture and family gave me those codes of ethics that stuck with me as my own skin. Some of them were confirmed through personal experiences over the years. Others, I have to choose them daily.

CMAT 352 / March 9th, 2021

Gun Control Project

There are more than 393 million guns in circulation in the United States. Approximately 120.5 guns for every 100 people.

Rhetorical Analysis

Every visual and verbal element comes with a message.
To entirely understand its content is crucial to explore the rhetorical context
in which it was created. The research of the media context brings new perspectives
to evaluate their content critically.

Other interesting projects

Web Design

Portfolio / CMAT 358, 2022

Stained Glasses - Restoration

Lima - Peru / 2012


works / 2017 - to date

Stained Glasses

different works / 2005 - 2015


CMAT 212 / Spring, 2021